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Does the Mix of Music and the Slopes Cause Injuries?

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girl with headphonesThere is absolutely nothing like plugging in your headphones, listening to your favorite playlist, and zoning into whatever you are doing. We do this to power through the workday or to get some peace on the early morning commute. Our headphones and our favorite jams get us through those last few miles on the treadmill or sets in the weight room.

Besides our eardrums, what is this music blaring harming? [Read more…]

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It’s a Slippery Slope: Exploring Dangers of Skiing

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Photo Credit: bobaliciouslondon via Compfight cc

What do you think of when you think of skiing? Do you think of the cool air whipping across your face as you speed down the Vail slopes? Do you think of the thrill of conquering a new slope?

Do you contemplate what could happen to you if you had an accident? Probably not.

One second, you could be having the vacation of your life, and the next you could be in an ambulance headed toward the nearest hospital.

Professional freestyle skier Mike Shaw did not think of this risk either. In a recent Vancouver Sun article, Shaw discussed his life threatening ski accident.  While skiing in Keystone Mountain Resort in Colorado, he hit some bad snow and face-planted. He told the Sun that he knew that he was paralyzed as soon as it happened.  [Read more…]

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3 Most Common Ski Accident Injuries

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3 Most Common Ski Accident Injuries | Colorado Springs, CO Personal Injury Attorney | Sears & Associates, P.C.

Last month, we cheered on American Olympians in Sochi, watching as they dazzled us on the slopes, halfpipe, and skating rinks.

As a proud Colorado Springs, Colorado business, we’re thrilled to have the U.S. Olympic Training Center in our own backyard.

One of the most exciting parts of the Olympics for many Coloradans has been the skiing: downhill, slopestyle, moguls, and cross-country. We saw the men’s slopestyle team sweep the podium, Julia Mancuso grab a bronze in the super-combined, and Hannah Kearney win bronze in moguls. [Read more…]

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How effective are ski and snowboard helmets?

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Ski accident attorney - Colorado SpringsThere’s nothing quite like hitting the slopes in Colorado, fresh powder flying behind you, cutting through the snow as you race down a mountain.

Unfortunately, as a personal injury attorney in Colorado Springs, I see a fair share of rides that don’t end well for skiers and snowboarders. In many of these cases, simply wearing a helmet could have prevented a major traumatic injury.

How effective are helmets when skiing or snowboarding? I recently sought data to answer this frequently asked question and found some interesting facts from Lids On Kids. [Read more…]

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