Attorney Referrals

Sears & Associates, P.C. is well known in the national legal community. As a result, our attorneys handle many cases referred to them from attorneys outside of Colorado. These cases include not only Colorado personal injury cases, but also business litigation involving out-of-state clients.

Attorneys who refer cases to our firm should be assured that their clients will receive the same attention and consideration as clients who live only a few miles from our office. We work hard to involve our referring attorneys in the case so that the client has an easy transition to our firm, while the referring attorney remains informed about the case to advise and consult with the client in their own town.

Our attorneys can be contacted regarding their areas of concentration as follows:

  • Lance Sears: [email protected]. Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Business Litigation, Professional Licensing (Attorney Grievance Defense, Med Board, Nursing Board, etc.), Tractor Trailer/Auto Collisions, Bad Faith Insurance Conduct, Business Torts, Spine and Head Injuries