Sears and Associates Sponsors Tierra Plan/CP Racing

We are excited to announce that Sears and Associates, P.C. is a 2017 sponsor of the Tierra Plan/CP Racing bike racing team that encourages competitive cycling in the Colorado Springs region. With a team of eight members, the group of elite riders focuses on participating in a combination of local, regional, and national events.

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Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan

Bicycle AccidentColorado Springs held an open house on May 3, 2017, to solicit input from the public on its Bike Master Plan. The event took place in the Downtown Penrose Library on North Cascade Avenue. A couple hundred people reportedly showed up to the event, where they could walk around to different poster boards to learn about the goals and strategies that comprise the plan.
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Types of Bicycle Accidents

Colorado bicycle riders face a significant risk of sustaining serious injuries on the road. Motorists often do not see riders, due to distracted driving, failure to observe the distance between the vehicle and the bicycle closely, or impairment.

Colorado is more protective of its bike riders than many other states and adopted the Colorado Bicycle Safety Act (CBSA) to improve bicyclists’ interactions with motor vehicles. Even still, accidents happen all too often. In fact, bicycle accidents have increased each year since 2013, reports the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).
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5 Things Truck Drivers Do That Lead to Serious Injury

Because truck drivers are professional drivers who receive special training and must carry a special license, one would reasonably expect them to drive cautiously and follow all traffic laws to prevent accidents. After all, even at relatively slow speeds, collisions with semi-trucks can be fatal for passenger car drivers.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers drive in a reasonable manner. They often engage in careless or downright reckless behaviors that put others on the road at serious risk of injury and death. The following are five things that truck drivers do that cause severe accidents, and what you can do to protect yourself from them.

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Distracted Walking : Higher Traffic Deaths

Distracted Walking : Higher Traffic DeathsAccording to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed in 2016 in traffic accidents. Pedestrian deaths shot up 10 percent between 2014 and 2015, more than any other category of traffic-related fatalities, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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Safest Snowboarding & Ski Helmets — Concussion Safety

The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) estimates approximately 80 percent of skiers and snowboarders on United States ski slopes used helmets during the 2015-2016 ski season. Although ski helmets do not provide complete protection from head injuries, they do help reduce the severity of the injury. [Read more…]

Mountain Driving Tips: How to Drive Safely to the Slopes

You have your ski resort reservations and lift tickets. You have packed your bags. Now all you have to do is get there.

So, how do you get safely to the SLOPES? 

S: Slow and Steady 

Keep it slow and steady. Driving fast on Colorado mountain roads can be lethal. The roads are steep and winding. Rock slides are a routine occurrence. Many roads do not have guardrails. You may whip around a curve in the road to have your path blocked by a snowplow or by a tractor trailer that is struggling to make it up the incline. [Read more…]

Winter Driving Tips for US 24, I-70, and I-25

Colorado winter weather combined with heavy traffic and tractor trailers on the roads can make driving a challenge, especially on US 24, I-70, and I-25. The weather changes rapidly, roads are subject to closures, and road hazards are frequent. To make sure you stay safe in while driving in Colorado, read through these winter driving tips and share them with your friends and family. [Read more…]

3 Most Common Types of Accidents on I-70

Interstate 70 brings in traffic from the east and west, straight into the heart of Denver. For residents of Colorado Springs, I-70 is your best bet for getting to skier’s paradise in Vail.

This highway sees millions of vehicles each year, and with a large traffic flow comes an influx of accidents. In the first weeks of the new year, we saw the following accidents: [Read more…]

Dangerous Colorado Mountain Roads & Passes

Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful scenic drives in the country. From the mountain ranges to the diverse and colorful foliage, these roadside scenes are a sight to behold. Unfortunately, these roads are also some of the most dangerous in the world to drive.

The inherent dangers on these roads come from a variety of sources. First, the very mountains that give these roads such spectacular views also make them risky to drive on. Rockslides and steep cliffs are common in Colorado. Next, winter weather accumulation makes these roads slippery and tough to maneuver. [Read more…]