Spinal & Brain Injuries

Colorado Springs Spinal and Brain Injury Attorneys

Experiencing a spinal or brain injury is scary, plain and simple. The human nervous system is extremely delicate, with the slightest injury causing severe consequences. Brain injuries can range from the catastrophic traumatic brain injury (TBI) to a mild concussion. Yet even a “mild” head injury can cause serious and dramatic changes in the life of the person who sustained it.

Head injuries can occur in many ways, from direct trauma (bicycle or motorcycle accident without a helmet) to indirect trauma (bruising of the brain from a whiplash after a rear end collision). Except for the catastrophic head injury, traumatic brain injuries are not usually diagnosed in the emergency room, or even in the doctor’s office after the accident. TBI may disguise itself as depression or confusion from pain medication initially. However, after the initial physical trauma has healed, often the injured person or his family will begin to notice characteristic symptoms of TBI: memory loss, personality changes, excessive and quick anger, confusion, lack of focus and problems with numbers or with reading. It is extremely rare for any diagnostic test such as a CT scan or MRI to show any brain injury in a mild TBI.

A head injury is best diagnosed through neuropsychological testing by a psychologist who is trained in, and specializes in, particular testing to uncover limitations of brain functions. Yet even among neuropsychologists, there is no generally accepted battery of tests to diagnose mild TBI, also known as “post-concussive syndrome”. A new test, called a SPECT, much more sensitive than a CT or MRI, has now been developed that can assist the neuropsychologist in a TBI diagnosis and, more importantly, assist the clinician in prescribing rehabilitation and medication for improved functioning of the impaired individual.

One of the most life-changing aspects of TBI, even mild TBI, is the cognitive fatigue. It just takes a lot more energy to think and use an injured brain than it did before the injury. The fatigue is a permanent characteristic of TBI and will affect the injured person’s life as long as he lives.

We understand the fear, pain, and stress that you’re experiencing, and we want to help.

We appreciate the challenges that you are facing. We know that you may not always remember everything about your case and that you may be frustrated with the legal and medical system.

We also appreciate the challenge of representing clients with head injuries in front of a jury, who may question whether our clients are really injured when they “look” just fine on the outside. We work with our clients’ medical providers to explain to the jury what is really going on inside the brain and help the jury to understand that this injury has changed this client forever.

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