Non-Compete Covenants

Turnover is a reality of business. Employees leave, but the company lives on.

Often they leave on good terms, or at least respectably. Unfortunately, there are employees that, from time to time, leave your company and immediately begin to compete in the same local market, taking the knowledge and skills that you taught them, as well as your contacts, and use them against your business.

As a business owner, you’re eager to protect yourself from the chance of this ever happening. You fear a loss of clients, revenue, and contacts if one of your employees ever chose to undermine you after they leave (or worse, when they still work for you).

You want protection. We can help.

A non-compete covenant is a promise by an employee not to compete with you, the employer, for a specified time in a particular place. This could be a clause in an employment agreement or a separate contract standing by itself.

With over 39 years of experience, our non-compete covenant attorneys can put your worries as a business owner to rest. Sears & Associates, P.C. lawyers understand your fears and can guide you down the path to protection from such a circumstance. We will stand by your side to help your business continue to prosper in your local market, despite any turnover.

If you want to protect your business and its most important assets, contact the experienced business law attorneys at Sears & Associates, P.C. in Colorado Springs, Colorado.