Business Disputes

When things turn sour in the professional realm, people often brush it off with the phrase, “It’s not personal. It’s just business.” At Sears & Associates, P.C., we understand that, in reality, business is personal, and the implications of a dispute can have far-reaching affects on your professional career and life outside the office.

If you’re experiencing a business dispute in Colorado Springs or across the Front Range, we understand the difficulties you’re facing, and we want to help. Our attorneys have over 39 years of experience in business law and litigation. We have a national reputation for defending businesses with skill and tenacity. From our office in Colorado Springs, we represent national clients as well as clients throughout Colorado’s Front Range.

Our firm is dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with our business clients so that we are always able to meet their needs. We offer a wide range of legal services and routinely handle cases involving:

  • Partnership Disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Anti-Competitive Matters
  • Business Torts
  • Contract Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Disputes Between Members in Limited Liability Corporations (LLC)
  • Business Fraud

Our dedication to our business clients has earned our firm a national reputation as a leading business defense law firm. Our attorneys are also sought after to speak on the topic of business defense and other business-related litigation matters.

If your business is involved in a business dispute and needs a nationally recognized business litigation law firm–one that understands your situation, can guide you through the process, and is passionate about helping you achieve success–please contact Sears & Associates, P.C. Our Colorado business law attorneys will work to protect the future of your business.