Professional Licensing

If you are a professional and your license to practice is in jeopardy, you shouldn’t try to tackle the issue on your own. Professional licensing boards take allegations of misconduct very seriously, even if they are frivolous. More than your license to practice law, medicine, or sell real estate is at stake. Your entire career and your livelihood could be affected.

We want to help you secure your professional future and ease the difficulties that licensing boards can put on your shoulders.

All too often in the United States, professionals are sued when the services that they provided did not meet their clients expectations, or false charges are levied against professionals simply doing their job.

At Sears & Associates, P.C., our Colorado Springs attorneys are experienced and compassionate trial lawyers who fight to protect your rights against professional licensing organizations.

As Colorado’s premier law firm, we handle professional licensing issues for:

  • Lawyers License Defense in Colorado, before the Attorney Regulation Counsel, Grievance committee, or Disciplinary Board
  • Doctors, before the Board of Medical Examiners
  • Nurses, before the Nursing Board
  • Veterinary Licensing
  • Real Estate Licenses
  • Chiropractors Licenses
  • Bonding Agents and Bail Bondsmen

If you are a professional and your license to practice is in jeopardy, we can help you protect your future. Please contact Sears & Associates, P.C. for the help and guidance of an experienced professional licensing attorney.