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Run in the Spartyka Wounded Warrior 5k Run/Walk

runnerAt Sears & Associates, P.C., we are honored to help our Colorado Springs clients with their personal injury needs. We are especially honored when we are able to help those who have served our country in the military.

As you may have read on our website, we continue this commitment to helping our friends in the military by donating to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project is ultimately “to honor and empower Wounded Warriors.” The organization does this by raising awareness, helping injured service members, and providing resources and programs to assist them further. [Read more…]

Colorado Springs’ Zoo in Top 10

tigerSummer is winding down and the free time is starting to dry up. You’ve hit the pool and the local park, but have you visited the zoo yet?

With lions and tigers and bears (oh my), Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, located in southwest Colorado Springs, it is certainly one of the best.  According to a recent post on, this animal paradise landed at number five on Trip Advisor’s list of best zoos in the United States, making it one of the best zoos in the world.  [Read more…]

Record Setting Four Million Miles without a Truck Accident

truck We all find pride in different things. Some of us show pride in our cooking and our famous family lasagna. Some of us can change a tire in record time.  Others have pride in their lifelong no-ticket streak.

Andres Corona certainly has something to be proud of. The Texas truck driver has driven four million miles on the job without an accident. It is hard to believe this is even possible with the reported highway backups and tragic accidents spattered throughout the news cycle.  [Read more…]

Wrongful Death Suit Only a Snapshot of What Sarah Jones Deserves

railroad tracks When we think of dangerous jobs a few may come to mind– airplane pilot, sailor, officer in the Army; the list goes on. One that doesn’t come to mind as being dangerous is camera assistant.

Sarah Jones probably didn’t either before Feb. 20, when the 27-year-old camera assistant was killed while working on the site of Midnight Rider. The deadly scene of this low budget film was set on a 110-year-old bridge in Georgia.  Sarah was struck and killed by a train–while simply doing her job. [Read more…]

After Watching this Video You Will Never Text and Drive

people and phonesThanks to technology, we are constantly able to communicate with others.  24/7, day or night, in the bathroom, at the gym, or at work –we can be reached thanks to this handy-dandy device we call a smartphone.

Our smart phones help us keep my life in order. We feel the need to be constantly connected with friends and family. And despite the hype, it’s not just teens that experience the temptations of texting and driving–it’s everyone.  Deadly vehicle crashes occur every day because someone merely wanted to respond with a simple “LOL” or “I love you.” [Read more…]

Drowsy Package Delivering Leads to Disastrous Truck Accidents

truck crashDrowsiness turns deadly when truck drivers fail to take caution and remain alert while driving.

Lately we have been hearing way too many headlines about devastating truck accidents and the anguish caused by sleep-deprived truck drivers.  In early June, comedian Tracy Morgan’s vehicle was hit by an allegedly tired Wal-Mart truck driver. According to CNN, the driver had not slept for 24 hours prior to the crash.

While Tracy Morgan’s condition has improved, the driving conditions for truck drivers has not. [Read more…]

It’s a Slippery Slope: Exploring Dangers of Skiing

Photo Credit: bobaliciouslondon via Compfight cc

What do you think of when you think of skiing? Do you think of the cool air whipping across your face as you speed down the Vail slopes? Do you think of the thrill of conquering a new slope?

Do you contemplate what could happen to you if you had an accident? Probably not.

One second, you could be having the vacation of your life, and the next you could be in an ambulance headed toward the nearest hospital.

Professional freestyle skier Mike Shaw did not think of this risk either. In a recent Vancouver Sun article, Shaw discussed his life threatening ski accident.  While skiing in Keystone Mountain Resort in Colorado, he hit some bad snow and face-planted. He told the Sun that he knew that he was paralyzed as soon as it happened.  [Read more…]

Pedestrians: Don’t Fall Victim to Hit and Run Accidents

Photo Credit: bharer75 via Compfight cc

You may have read our recent post about the bill approved by the Colorado House of Representatives. You’ll be happy to hear that Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the bill into law June 6.

This law will take effect on July 1, doubling the statute of limitations from five years to 10 years. The government has been taking action in this issue due to the staggering number of hit and run accidents in Colorado. These accidents have left pedestrians and drivers with serious, sometimes fatal, injuries.

Not only is the state government taking action on this statewide issue, but the general public is as well using social media. Using the hashtag #JustStopCO, bystanders are posting images and news about hit-and-run car accidents in Colorado.  [Read more…]

Interstate 70: The Colorado Danger Zone

Photo Credit: seanmasn via Compfight cc

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a sour story about I-70, I would likely be the richest person in Colorado. Running through the Rocky Mountains, this interstate is prone to the effects of avalanches, rockslides, and severe weather conditions, causing major delays and perturbing congestion.

The infamy is not unwarranted. Interstate 70 has a prolific history of road closures, horrific accidents, and falling boulders causing injuries, gridlock traffic, and fatalities affecting people traveling to major Colorado destinations like Denver and Vail. Just recently on the 4th, a pedestrian was killed on the interstate. According to the Vail Daily, this closed the road for three hours.

Commercial semi trucks and slope-bound tourists do not bode well together in this tricky terrain. Accidents are far too frequent. Trucks careen off the road and cars lose control. You cannot go a week without learning the news of an accident on Interstate 70. [Read more…]

Colorado Springs Wounded Warrior Project 8K Run

Runner | Colorado Springs, CO | Sears & Associates, P.C.As proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), the personal injury attorneys at Sears & Associates, P.C. want to encourage you to sign up for the WWP 8K Run.

On August 9, join your fellow Coloradans as we line up for a truly special event, held in Colorado Springs for the first time by USAA.


By signing up before July 9, you can save on your entry fee: the cost is just $25 per participant before this date, increasing to $35 on July 10 through the race day.


The Wounded Warrior Project 8K Run provides you with a great opportunity to fundraise for the organization. (WWP’s mission is to honor and empower wounded veterans by raising awareness among the public; help injured service members to aid and assist each other; and provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.)

[Read more…]