“Lance Sears will not disappoint you. Smart is not an apt description of Mr. Sears intellect. In addition to usually being the smartest person in the room he is never caught off guard, being very experienced and knowledgable of the law. He is extremely hard working, leaving no stone unturned, analyzed or investigated. He will do everything in his power to achieve the desired result. Mr. Sears also employs a friendly, smart and very capable staff making all communications very easy. Mr. Sears’ time and fees are a no brainer if you are truly serious about legally defending yourself to the maximum level possible. You can do no better then Mr. Sears.”

Car Accident Client

“My experience with Jason Landress and the Sears and Associates team surpassed any and all of my expectations. They genuinely care about their clients. Working diligently to ensure you and your case are handled with the utmost compassion and professionalism. They held my hand throughout the entire process, ensuring I received proper medical care. Jason followed up and explained every option I had in detail. When you’re dealing with a personal injury case, it can be more than overwhelming, deciding to go with Jason Landress and the Sears and Associates team is the best decision you can make. I highly recommend them.”

Amanda Best

“Jason Landress is an excellent personal injury attorney, I could not have asked for better service. Through out the duration of my case he never lost stride and made sure that I received nothing but the best medical care and representation, I was clueless as to how these personal injury cases worked and could not have navigated this situation without him. The television lawyers are a joke if you want real representation from a person who is actually compassionate Sears and Associates is who to talk to. I would recommend their services to anyone. Very friendly and professional.”

Marc Williams

“Many thanks to Sears and Associates’ team for all they did–they settled the case better than I thought it would be.”

Personal Injury Client

“It took several years to get to the final result, but thank you for believing and staying the course. Your efforts were much appreciated.”

Car Accident Client

“Jason and his team at Sears and Associates provided me with the utmost quality care while handling my case. They were personable and caring, ensured I received top quality medical care (of my choice), and kept me informed of each step we were taking. Jason ensured I was comfortable and understood every decision we made. He and his team were so kind, and handled me with such delicate care. The accident that led me to Jason will forever change my life. He and his team lessened the blow of a very difficult time for me. Now on the other end, I can say that without them I don’t know how I would have made it through this journey. I highly recommend them to anyone who may benefit from their services. You will not be disappointed and will be left with the confidence knowing that you chose the right attorney.”

– Car Accident Client