Vail, Colorado Truck Crash Lawyers

As a driver, traveling down mountain highways can be a stressful experience. With large commercial trucks barreling on your left, and mountain terrain on your right, you tend to hold onto the steering wheel a little tighter and check your mirrors more frequently, fearful of the possibility of an accident.  Accidents involving cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles are quite common on these roads due to the lack of visibility and fast speeds. And frequently accompanying these accidents are personal injuries, both minor and life altering.

Passing through Vail, Colorado, I-70 is a mountain highway, infamous for the frequency of truck collisions.

Due to construction, rocky terrain, and endless sharp curves, this winding highway is reportedly the site of many car and truck accidents.  This interstate takes drivers directly through the Rocky Mountains, passing through Eisenhower Tunnel and the notoriously dangerous Vail Pass.

Vail Pass is consistently the site for major I-70 truck collisions. When you are involved in a truck accident, it is likely that you will have injuries, medical bills and lost wages. After any accident on I-70 ,or other Colorado mountain road, calling an experienced Colorado accident attorney, preferably one nearby, should be at the top of your to do list.

If you are a victim of a Vail Pass truck collision, have injuries and need a lawyer, the experienced Colorado personal injury attorneys at Sears & Associates, P.C., have an office in the Vail Valley. Sears & Associates understand that this is a dangerous area and that accidents happen here frequently. As a result of our Vail Valley office, our Colorado accident attorneys can quickly attend to the details of your Vail Valley  collision.

If you or your family member have been in a truck accident near Vail Pass, do not  delay consulting with an attorney . With this assistance, your Colorado attorney will do everything in their power to obtain compensation for you so that you can pay for your bills and continue your injury recovery.

When in an accident, you may be contacted by your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company.  When interacting with insurance companies, it is critical that you know your rights.  Therefore, it is important that you contact an attorney promptly after any accident.

Contact the Vail Valley personal injury law firm office of Sears & Associates, P.C., at (970)-470-4069 for all of your Vail, Colorado personal injury attorney needs.